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Experience and innovation

THERMOSTAHL has been producing steel boilers and energy efficient systems for heating and hot water for over 50 years. The company focuses on renewable energy, paying attention to the environment and ecological development, offering a wide range of products for both residences and the industrial sector with applications for liquid, gaseous and solid fuel. The company's philosophy is always customer-oriented.

Our goal is to offer efficient products, creation of new technology that saves energy and offers maximum comfort. These efforts have placed THERMOSTAHL as a top manufacturer in Europe.


Our products can be found in more than 60 distribution points, both nationally and internationally.

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THERMOSTAHL products are known for their quality, long service life and high efficiency. This is why we offer all products made with a 3-year warranty and the assurance that by choosing Thermostahl products, you have made the right choice.


Over 40 service points nationwide for technical assistance, commissioning and maintenance.

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