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Warranty conditions
Warranty conditions

Thank you for purchasing equipment produced by THERMOSTAHL. Your equipment has been tested and approved in accordance with European EC standards. In order to avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that before use and throughout the life of the equipment, you comply with the provisions and operating instructions mentioned in the documentation provided with it.

In order to benefit from the warranty, both commissioning and any intervention on the equipment must be carried out by a THERMOSTAHL Authorized Service Center. The product warranty is valid if the commissioning is performed by a THERMOSTAHL Authorized Service Center and compliance with the legal provisions of operation according to ISCIR prescriptions.


The duration  of the equipment warranty is 36 months from the commissioning (but not more than 38 months from the invoice date) for pressure parts (boiler body) and 24 months from the commisioning (but not more than 26 months from the invoice date) for  the rest of the components and equipment, in accordance with the conditions presented in  the General Warranty Conditions.

By making and signing the COMMISSIONING form:

The User declares that he accepts all the General Warranty Conditions and that he has ascertained the proper functioning of the boiler. He attests that he attended the commissioning, read the technical book and was instructed on the use and maintenance of equipment.

The service operator certifies that the following have been performed:

  • Checking the conformity of the installation (hydraulic, chimney, electric, room ventilation);
  • Starting the boiler;
  • Checking the operation of the boiler;
  • Checking the effectiveness of safety devices;
  • Adjustment of operating and safety parameters;
  • Providing instructions for starting, using and stopping the boiler, mode of use and maintenance.


1.1 Upon sale, the equipment is handed over to the consumer/buyer together with the original invoice, technical documentation and the Warranty Certificate completed and signed by the seller. The technical documentation and the Warranty Certificate will be kept at the installation site of the purchased equipment.

1.2 The warranty is valid only after the equipment is put into operation exclusively through an Authorized Service Center. If the user has put the equipment into operation with an unauthorized person, the warranty period will run from the date of purchase (invoice date).

1.3 The user has the obligation to check at purchase, before signing the warranty certificate: the integrity of the product, the external appearance and the presence in the packaging of the accessories provided. Any subsequent complaint, relating to non-conformity from an aesthetic point of view or external integrity, will not be considered.

1.4 The User must present the Warranty Certificate with the date of the  in order to receive the benefits associated with the warranty period.

1.5 The warranty applies only to defects in materials or workmanship attributable to the manufacturer during the period specified in this certificate. The warranty is limited to boiler components and involves free replacement or repair of parts with manufacturing defects.

1.6 If it is found that the claimed non-conformity is not real or is due to incorrect operation or maintenance of the equipment, the beneficiary will bear in full both the value of the replaced parts and the verification work, repair and travel expenses.


2.1 Request the commissioning of the equipment by calling a THERMOSTAHL Authorized Service Center.

2.2 To ensure the execution of installation / installation works with authorized personnel, in accordance with the legal provisions (projects, authorizations, permits, etc.). To ensure the presence of the fitter at the commissioning.

2.3 To ensure the conditions of the commissioning of the equipment, regardless of its type, taking into account its technical characteristics. To ensure the possibility of performing hydraulic tests at nominal parameters (flow, pressure). Perform all pressure and leak tests before performing COMMISSIONING.

2.4 To ensure the loading of the installation / equipment with water that corresponds from a physicochemical point of view (according to the technical documentation of the equipment and / or legal provisions, Normative I13 / 2002 – art 9.42: "Thermal power plants located in areas where the hardness of the supply water is over 3.5 mval / l will be provided with softening installations for supply water").

2.5 To ensure the access of the personnel of the Authorized Service Center to the place of installation of the equipment for carrying out the COMMISSIONING or for carrying out interventions, revisions and checks, safely (according to labor protection rules) and to make available to them all documents received when purchasing the equipment.

2.6 Read the technical book carefully before installation and follow the instructions for use and maintenance.

2.7 Ensure specific commissioning conditions:

  • mount the device according to the technical documentation, connecting it: hydraulic, electric, fuel, flue gas exhaust pipe;
  • to make all electrical cable routes (power, sensors, automation elements, etc.) according to the indications in the project and / or technical book;
  • to ensure the tightness of the chimney, flue gas evacuation and draft according to the technical book;
  • hold and make available to the personnel of the Authorized Service Center all documents necessary to authorize the operation of the apparatus whenever necessary (opinions, drafts, minutes, authorizations, etc.);
  • to request and pay for periodic technical verifications according to ISCIR prescriptions (deadlines will be established at commissioning).

2.8 To carry out periodic maintenance of the appliance with authorized personnel, representing at least one annual revision (maintenance of the appliance is subject to a "Maintenance Contract" concluded with the Authorized Service Center).

2.9 To pay all financial obligations to the Authorized Service Center (revisions, interventions that are not subject to warranty, etc.).


3.1 Defects caused by:

  1. transport or storage in improper conditions (very low temperature, high humidity, wind, incorrect handling);
  2. use of fuels other than those specified in the instructions for use of the equipment;
  3. supplying the appliance with electricity at parameters that do not correspond to the limits indicated by the manufacturer;
  4. incorrect installation, carried out by unauthorized personnel, not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or legal regulations;
  5. irregularities in hydraulic, electrical, air intake and flue gas intake installations;
  6. incorrect treatment of feed water (lack of filters, impurities and water hardness above the permissible limit);
  7. failure to comply with operating instructions;
  8. electric shock, lack of protective equipment or inappropriate choice for both appliances with electronic parts and power-operated appliances;
  9. freezing of water/heat agent in the installation/equipment;
  10. lack of water/heating agent in the installation/equipment;
  11. action of external destructive agents: lightning, rain, frost, fire, earthquake;
  12. interference with the equipment before and after the BCP and throughout the warranty period by personnel who are not legally authorised and not authorised by the manufacturer.

3.2 Components subject to normal wear and tear (gaskets, bulbs, fuses, etc.), as well as components subject to fire, do not benefit from warranty. The wear of grills depends on the type of wood, humidity, calorific value, more or less frequent stops, acid content of wood, etc. Thus, they are not covered by the warranty and are considered consumables.

3.3 For proper operation and corrosion protection, it is very important that the boiler operating temperature is above 70°C as well as ensuring a constant return temperature of 55°C.  Failure to comply may result in loss of warranty.

3.4 The warranty does not cover expenses related to the maintenance of the equipment.

3.5 For any warranty intervention, travel expenses are borne by the user.